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Jug Swing, Juggernaut, Just Like You! Self Loathing, Serrated Blade, Served Its Purpose, Set Charge, Set the Trap, Sever Timeline, Shade Step. bullet from acaliber revolver into his mouth." He said evidence But although sever- reached Thursday. Congressional aides are jug-. After successfully moving to sever the first count from his indictment, Roy Lee Dunn entered the Brown Jug liquor store located in the Athenian Village. and thus unable to sever the expedition from greenstick notions of savorship. or ask a friend to "quit pullin on that jug afore our damn lives end"? clay mill, where my Uncle Tom fashioned the jars and jugs and crocks and other pottery ware. protests, he would wear his revolver right through county. Adwy: glass water jug. He said he regretted to' sever his connection which had existed for nearly thirty years, and which had always been of so pleasant. He volunteers as an alter sever at Mass on Sunday at church and is a member in the Civilian Airpatrol Program. He play trumpet in the Junior High Band and I. As he turned his back Reid drew a revolver and shot him. I thought the best service I could render would be to sever all communication both by railroad. It would have been a case of revolver or " 'leven inch Bowie-knife." teapot, milk-jug, and a few spoons and forks that follow my fortunes as I wander. To amputate means to sever or cut off a body part. barrel and hammer of a handgun, pistol, or revolver; the rest of the hand represents the gun's grip.